Call history shows the list of the calls made and received by the tenant. Due to the complex nature of call detail records, with calls splitting into multiple legs, multiple dialed legs and transfers (just to mention some), the list is quite complex and it can be tricky to check what has happened to a call.


Only some of the available fields are displayed by default. More fields can be shown pressing the “Column” button at the bottom and selecting the desired fields

From the Call History page is possible to access the Advanced Call Detail Records by pressing on the disposition link. The Advanced Call Detail Records offers a detailed view, packet capture and quality graphs on the call selected.

Advancedcall1.png Advancedcall2.png Advancedcall3.png

In the Call History field “Extra” you can find a loudspeaker allowing access to the recording for that leg. You can also find a yellow alert sign or red stop sign. In this case, the call had some problem and you can find additional details in the tooltip, moving the mouse over the sign.

If you are interested in getting an overview of the steps performed by the call, you can select any leg and press on the Call Steps


Fields meaning

Start – Date/time of the start of the call Answer – Date/time of when the call was answered

End – Date/time of call end

CallerID – CallerID for the call Source – In case of internal calls, the username of the extension placing the call

Destination – This field can contains multiple numbers, the first one is the “first destination”, the last is the number actually dialed

Destination Channel – Broadtela specific destination channel

Destination Context – Broadtela specific destination context

Duration – The number of seconds for the whole call

Billsec – The number of seconds asterisk has counted as “on call”

Disposition – The last disposition for the call

Cost – The cost for the call leg

Userfield – Used to store the call direction (inbound/outbound) and other information for the call

Uniqueid – Each call is assigned with a unique id Prev

Uniqueid – When a call is passed between servers, the uniqueid on the other server

Last Dst – The latest destination noted for the call Where Landed – Where the call was effectively landed

First Dst – The first destination for the call

Src Call ID – Broadtela specific Call ID