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HD VOICE For clinics, health centers and small healthcare providers.

Our hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution has been developed for GP Practices and CGs by listening to our customers’ requirements. The resulting telephony solution is ideal for healthcare, helping you to manage calls within your practice more efficiently, while offering economies of scale, cost efficiencies and centralization.

•Sophisticated routing capabilities that allow certain types of calls to be answered by your live attendant, even during peak periods, while other calls are automatically routed to an appropriate provider or voicemail box. This ensures that emergency calls are always handled promptly, and that your patients spend less time on hold and more time receiving medical care.

•The ability to forward calls to the first available attendant at any location, which allows growing medical practices to handle increased call volumes without hiring additional staff.

•Advanced messaging features to automatically page providers when certain calls are received, deliver customized voicemail messaging to specific patients, or rotate messages depending on the time of day. This creates better continuity of care and a stronger patient/provider relationship.

•A software-based infrastructure which can be easily and inexpensively expanded to grow with your practice, whether that means a half dozen new lines, a full VoIP solution, or the opening of a new office.

•The capacity to integrate with existing office applications so that your practice can provide patient-centered functions such as automated appointment reminders.

1.Benefits for the practice

•Cost savings
•Improved patient access
•Advanced business reporting to improve customer service
•Flexibility to grow, merge, and add unlimited extensions
•Advanced Disaster recovery options
•Move away from 0844
•Home working
•Mobile convergence

1.Benefits for the CSU/CCG

•Ability to work as a CCG and run other services collaboratively without lots of additional costs
•No IGsoc breaches
•Support of Phone system is clear
•Ownership is clear, the practice owns the phone system and the infrastructure

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