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Live Customer Service Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Insurance agents and agencies alike are flocking to Broadtela Hosted VoIP not only because it is cost effective, but because it’s customizable, reliable, and it gives insurance agents the ability to work from essentially any location equipped with an Internet connection.

Look At All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Your Phone

Okay, maybe cool isn’t the word you would use, but useful, sophisticated and awesome also come to mind. Anyway, here are a few things you’ll get with Broadtela.

below are several examples of how insurance companies have utilized VoIP to improve their customer service:

Find Me/Follow Me – We’ve all seen the commercials touting the responsiveness and availability of your insurance agent in times of need. Insurance agencies can utilize their VoIP platform to facilitate this promise in becoming a reality! Calls into the agency can be routed to the agent, adjuster, or other customer facing staff via a direct transfer or by implementing a find me / follow me feature on that associate’s extension. Most utilize their cell phone as the destination for such routing of calls.

Use of an Auto Attendant – Whether it be as back up during hours during high call volume or as the primary after hours process, agencies have utilized an auto attendant to help route customer calls to a destination that meets their current need. The agency may have a claims center or roadside assistance center that supports them, and customers can choose the particular option that meets their need and be transferred there. Reaching the agent or other staff after hours or in an emergency can be additional options on the attendant.

Time of Day Routing and Holiday Schedule – A great feature of hosted VoIP is that it is essentially a program, one in which insurance agencies and similar businesses can customize to their schedule. During normal hours, they may choose to ring the office phones in a certain pattern. After hours, they can streamline the ring pattern and fall to an afterhours auto attendant. Similarly, holidays can be scheduled to operate in after hours mode and the greetings can be customized to the holiday.

Voicemail to Email – Obviously, there are times where agents or adjusters are simply unable to take a call. With voicemails being delivered to email, they are able to immediately be notified of a customer’s need, listen to the voicemail, and respond according to the level of urgency.

Broadtela technologies improve customer service by getting callers quickly to the people who have the tools to solve their specific insurance needs.

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