Collect feedback from clients calling support

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It is now simple and easy to collect a feedback from a call, like a call to a support group. It can be done for calls going to Hunt Groups or to Queues.
Start by creating your queue, in the normal way.

Proceed in creating the feedback collector, using an IVR with some response values. In this case just from 1 to 5.

Arrange all together by using the Special Destination “Continue execution when called party hangup”

The outcome of the IVR/Feedback/Poll, can be easily seen in the Stats/IVR

If you like to measure the performance for each agent, you need to create an IVR for each agent and then select it using a condition. The condition needs to check the system variable MEMBERNAME. Unfortunately, by design (bad design) it is not possible to query a system variable directly, so you need to first assign the system variable to an USR variable and then test it.