Conference Rooms

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A conference room or meeting room is a virtual place where all phones dialing are joined in a single conversation. Conference rooms must be protected by a PIN and a special Admin PIN is reserved to the administrator, so he can mute/unmute partecipants.
The maximal number of users we recommend in the conference is 10
Name: A name should be assigned to the Conference Room to easy identify it in the system.
Number: The 3 or 4 digit number that is the Conference number that  must be unique to your tenant
Available from – to: Allowed to set the period the conference room is available. Trying to use it out of the defined period will return an unavailable message
PIN: User access pin
Admin PIN: Admin access pin
Call Rate: – Broadtela Assigned Parameter
Announce users count:
Announce user join/leave with review:
Announce user join/leave without review:
Play MOH when only one user:
Allow access to menu with *:
Do not play message when first person enters:
Wait for admin before starting the conference :
Join user muted :
End the conference when the admin leaves:
Record the conference:

Request PIN message: Allows you to set your own greeting for conference
Max user allowed: Sound be set to 10
Send conference report to: email address to send conference details to.
Conference Server: – Broadtela Assigned Parameter