Custom Destinations

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Custom Destination is one of the most powerful object in Broadtela PBX. It is the magic object capable able to perform all the disparate tasks you may need. The list of capability is increasing at every version.

Alter CallerID Name

Permit to change the caller ID name of a call. You can use variables like ${CALLERID(name)} or ${CALLERID(num)} so you can just add something to the received caller ID name

Alter CallerID Num

Almost identical to “Alter CallerID Name”, but acting on the number

Play Voicemail Message

This feature allows playing directly a voicemail message. The voicemail message is not marked as read. This feature is usually used to build “Visual Voicemail” for phones supporting it. It can be used in a feature code like *88[NUM] and then splitting the voicemail box and voicemail message number using CUT function

So for listening to the 6th message from voicemail 104, you can dial *88104*6

Run Local Macro

This feature allows executing a custom macro defined in the system. You can define a local macro by emailing a .conf file to