Feature Codes

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Feature Codes are the keys to access any aspect of the PBX, trigger special features or just performs tricky operations.
Feature codes can start with the * (star) or with the # (sharp) (but you can also configure to allow pure numeric feature codes) and can be associated to a number of actions from any of the possible destinations.
When requested, the special string [NUM] and [EXT] can be used in the feature code. The [NUM] will be replaced with the number dialed. For example, if a feature code is set to *62[NUM] for “Mask the callerid on calling [NUM]” then if the number *625558764 is dialed, then the [NUM] is assigned to the number 5558764.

The [EXT] instead will be replaced with an extension number. If a feature code is set to *8[EXT] to Pickup Extension [EXT] and you have defined extension 100, then dialing *8100, the extension 100 will be picked up.

Feature code *1 is reserved to enable/disable recordings.

List standard feature codes Feature Code Description
Answer the call It just answer the call
Barge with extension [EXT] Barge with extension [EXT]
Dial by name directory Access to Dial by name directory menu
Dial by name using the [NUM] dialed Use the dialed [NUM] to call using dial by name
Disable FMFM extension Disable FMFM for the calling extension