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A hunt group is used to route calls to a limited set of user extensions within your Broadtela phone system. Hunt groups typically consist of user phone profiles for specialized areas of a company or organization. For example, a Sales hunt group would route calls to a group of selected sales personnel in your company. A hunt group should contain a maximum of 16 members.
Name: Any Description for identification
Number: optional, can be used to enter the hunt directly, usually it is used to transfer a caller to a hunt group

  • Ring All – All extensions and external numbers can be dialed all at once
  • Cycle – Extension and external numbers are dialed in the order specified and once the bottom of the list is reached, the “hunt” starts over.
  • Sequence – Extensions and external numbers are dialed in the order specified.
  • Ring All over Loop – Under Developent

Extensions:  the extensions defined for the hunt, they can be extensions and custom destination “Forward To”
Use Default Music On Hold instead of ringing: Plays MOH to the Caller instead of ringing
Skip if exten is in use: allows to skip dialing extension already in use
Skip if exten is in offline: If the extension is offline, it will not be dialed
Allow extension redirect: Accept redirect instructions from the called phone
Allow FMFM: Allow FMFM settings for the dialed extensions to be used
Allow additional destination: Allow additional destination settings for the dialed extensions
Request confirm to answer: if set, requests the dialed user to accept or reject the call. If the call is rejected, the hunt list continues trying to locate a phone
Confirm Message: This is the audio played to the extension press 1 to accept or 2 to reject
Ring Time: allows to specify the time each extension or external number has to be dialed before skipping to the next item.
Dial timeout: How many seconds to wait in the hunt list. This is especially used for Cycle or Sequential type to set the overall time spent searching for an extension to answer
When the bottom of the list is reached, the destination specified in the “On timeout” is followed