Installing OutCall

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The OutCALL application is designed for integration with MS Outlook, providing users with: Outlook contacts integration, incoming calls pop-up window notification, click to dial from email/contact. It has been developed by a competitor PBX provider, but it has been released with a BSD license, allowing free and unlimited usage.
It can be downloaded from GitHub
After reboot you can find the OutCall software running on your system tray.
Let’s move to the web interface to create an AMI user for allowing OutCall connection to the PBX.
In the Settings page locate the Manager Users button and proceed to the configuration page

Adding one or more users. One user is enough.

Now get back to OutCall and start configuring it accessing the Settings page.
In the Dialing rules section, General subsection, set the Outgoing context to “authenticated”

In the Server section, fill the Server address, the username and secret created in the “Manager Users” and change the port to 5039.

In the Extensions section, enter your extension number
Now you can place a call from Windows and have your phone rings and be connected to the number dialed.
When a call comes in, a popup will show you the callerID.