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IVR allows you to define Interactive Voice Response to manage voice menus.
Welcome Message: is the media file to play to the calling user while waiting for the user choice
Menu selection timeout: is the time in seconds to wait for the user choice before going to the “On timeout” destination.
Digit timeout: is used when the “Allow Dialing Extensions” or the “Allow Dialing Features Code” is selected allows to determine the amount of seconds to wait before considering the number entered as “complete”
Loop on timeout: permits to continue to play the welcome message and to wait for the selection every time the Menu selection timeout expires.
Loop on wrong key press: allows to restart playing the welcome message and to wait for the selection if the user choose an unsupported key.
Allow Dialing Extensions: allows the caller to enter an extension number and be connected directly.
Allow Dialing Feature Codes: permits the caller to enter a feature code and run it. You need to specify which feature codes are allowed.
Pressing #: This is where you select which number routes to your destinations