Play the agent name to the caller

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We are going to check how to configure a cool feature, allowing the name of the agent to be played before connecting the agent. Not only, but we are going to use the time the name is played to the caller to remind to the agent the name of the queue they are answering.
Let’s start by define a media file creating the message, containing the name of the agent, at runtime, using Text to Speech.

As you may noticed, instead of the function ${CONNECTEDLINE(name)} I have used a variable, ${USR-agentname}. This is needed because you cannot easily recover functions from inside the Media File text box. Due to this limitation, I need to create another Custom Destination to define the variable ${USR-agentname} with the connected line name

We want to play the agent name to the caller and in the same time play the name of the queue to the agent, so we define a static media file containing the name of the queue
We are going now to create the custom destination “Execute separately on channels when answer”

It is important to use the Special Destination “Wait for caller execution completed” or otherwise the message to the caller will be cut when the message to the agent will finish playing.
Now you can use the defined Custom Destination to play the agent name to your callers entering the queue