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Hold down the phone OK button and it should ask you to reset the phone.
You will need to copy the link from the Broadtela portal minus the “s” in “https
The link will look like this
Getting your Remote Yealink IP Phone to Register with BROADTELA
Start up your Yealink IP phone and identify its IP address. To find your phone’s IPv4 address, simply press the “OK” key on the phone. In this example we’re going to assume that the IPv4 address of your Yealink phone is
Point your browser to the web interface of your Yealink IP phone, which in this example is
Enter your phone’s login credentials – If you do not know them please open a support ticket
Click on the Settings tab and select the Auto Provision tab from the left menu.

Paste the link that you copied above into the ‘Server URL’ field as shown above (note that in the above image only part of the Provisioning URL is shown due to the field length).
Press the Autoprovision now button to have your Yealink  Phone retrieve the provisioning file from Broadtela Phone System and apply it.
Your Yealink phone will reboot and once it restarts your phone will be provisioned and connected to Broadtela Phone System