Using a BLF key to monitor and pause/unpause from a queue

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It can be nice to have a BLF key on your phone keypad showing your Queue Agent status (Paused or Available, but also Logged in the queue or not). Let’s examine the Pause/Unpaused.
You need to start creating a Flow/Variable to Toggle your pause status for a queue.

Please note the special number assigned to the Flow/Variable to toggle it.
In the Monitoring section, specify what you like to monitor

In the phone, you need to start monitoring an extension matching the 7000[EXT] you have defined (obviously you can choose whichever number), so for example, if your extension is 104 and your tenant code DEVEL, you should monitor 7000104-DEVEL.
Pressing the BLF key will toggle your pause status and the BLF key will show you the current status.