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Mailbox: This will be used as a unique identifier for your mail box. The minimum is adding 4 to up to 6
PIN: The password is used to enter your mailbox options such as listen to your messages or record your greeting.
Name: This can be used as a note or description to easily identify your mail boxes.
Email: If an email address is entered here, the Mailbox system will send an Email notification every time you receive a new message.
Timezone: The time envelope will use this time zone to provide the correct date and time of the message’s reception.
Envelope playback: If set to YES, the caller will hear instructions on how to leave a message to your Mailbox before the beep sound
Say Caller ID: If set to YES, when checking your messages you will hear the Caller ID of the message sender.
Attach message: If set to YES, the Mailbox will attached a .WAV file containing the new message every time it sends an Email notification.
Store transcript:
Automatic delete: If set to YES, the Mailbox will delete the new message automatically after sending the Email notification with attachment.
Allow review:

  • Automatic with No Instructions
  • Always Silent
  • Automatic with Instructions
  • Only Instructions


Max number of messages:
Min len of a voicemail message in seconds:
Max len of a voicemail message in seconds:
On new message:
Allow operator/extras during greetings: When the operator/extras is enabled, you can press 0 to connect to the Operator Destination or press * to be prompted for the voicemail PIN
Operator Destination: The destination for 0 pressed during the greeting

Unavailable:  this is the default and most common greeting used for a voicemail box.
Busy:  this alternate greeting can be recorded for system admins to use in a dial plan.
Greeting:  this greeting plays the recorded name followed by an automated message (only plays if no unavailable message exists).
Temporary:  when recorded, this message overrides any other voicemail greetings. In order to remove a temporary message it must be deleted.