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Why Broadtela Hosted PBX?

We believe in leveraging today’s advanced technology to deliver a flexible, reliable, and affordable business phone system to our customer that’s designed to meet your business communication needs and the ability to expand with the growth of your business.

Broadtela Hosted PBX eliminates the burden of purchasing and maintaining a costly hardware-based PBX and provides a complete phone system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PBX.  Broadtela Hosted PBX behaves like a traditional business phone system, but is built and maintained in a secure cloud environment.

How It Works

Broadtela Hosted VoIP is an IP-based telephony system that is Hosted by us in secure remote locations with redundancy to avoid service interruptions. Rather than the traditional PBX, the only equipment that is needed on-premise are the phones and any dedicated routing equipment. Since there is no need for expensive on-site equipment to purchase and maintain, the systems are much less expensive and easier to install, manage and scale. New features and users can also be added or removed without changing existing equipment.

This makes a hosted PBX the best telephony solution for both small and medium-sized businesses. Larger businesses that have many remote users or that operate in dynamic environments can also benefit from a Hosted PBX.

The Benefits of a Hosted PBX

The benefits of a Hosted PBX over a premise-based enterprise PBX system are similar to the benefits of a VoIP system in general. Aside from the significant cost-savings and infrastructural benefits, many Hosted PBX systems provide enhanced features and services that are only available on a hosted system.

Seamless Communication at Your Office or on the Road

Your employees can stay connected with clients and colleagues whether they are working from the office, on the road, or a remote location.

  • Access a unified view of your business from any browser or mobile device
  • Advanced communications tools allow you to work from anywhere
  • Transfer and swap calls between multiple devices with one click
  • Manage Your Business Communications from Anywhere

    Utilize the Broadtela unified communications online dashboard to instantly monitor the pulse of your business throughout the workday.

  • Manage your dashboard on any Internet browser or mobile device
  • Identify bottlenecks, availability issues, and employee productivity
  • Manage all of your incoming and outgoing calls with one simple click
  • Support Remote and Virtual Employees

    Broadtela’s management system allows you to monitor and control your employees’ communication, regardless of where they are located. Our PBX control panel allows you to manage calls, employees and Improve employee productivity and efficiently staff your business and remote locations

    No Contracts, no upsells, all features included.

    Zero activation, installation, or setup fees.