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Your business will thrive when you get Broadtela Hosted VoIP

Whether you’re an agent or a real estate office of 20+ associates, your business will thrive when you get Broadtela Hosted VoIP. At its core, Broadtela is a business phone system that doubles as a 24/7 virtual office helping you stay connected with your clients. It’s great for building relationships with prospects and works well for tracking advertising campaigns to determine if they’re working for you. Broadtela can manage as many virtual extensions as you need with unique local or toll-free numbers. Our smart receptionist is programmed with enhanced call forwarding and advanced call routing, sending your callers exactly where they need to go.

  • Look Like You Are In the Office All the Time

We know that the real estate market never sleeps, but we suspect you do occasionally. With Broadtela VoIP, your virtual receptionist is always ready to greet your clients and take messages. And when you are taking calls, our virtual receptionist will route your calls to any device whether you’re in the office, showing a property or working at home. With Broadtela you have a phone system that travels with you. Your clients only have to call one number to reach you and you can choose which phone to receive the calls. This means you’ll never miss a call again.

  • Free up your team from information overload.

When you want a prospect to hear a detailed message about a property you’re selling, an information-only messaging extension is the most efficient solution. The caller enters the appropriate extension number and listens to your pre-recorded property description. He or she is then transferred back to a menu with options to listen to messages about other properties or contact you by speaking to you directly or leaving a voicemail.

  • Make Your Life Easier with Virtual Fax and Voicemail to Email

We know you have to deal with hundreds of documents being sent to you every day. Receive all faxes in PDF or image format straight to your inbox for easy filing and saving. View your Virtual Faxes from your tablet, smartphone, or PC whenever you wish. Check your voicemails from your phone or email, making your life easier and more efficient.

  • Saving Your Real Estate Office Money Is Part Of Our DNA

Once you get Broadtela, you will capture more prospects and turn them into closed deals. With just one extra commission check, your monthly bill will be paid for many times over. Harness all the power of Broadtela by tracking your clients, making more calls, and never missing a beat.

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